One of the long term goals of the Greenwood College Board is to establish an active alumni society. We have been talking about it at a Board level for the last three years and in 2016 the Greenwood College Alumni (GCA) was officially launched. At present the GCA has a dedicated Facebook page and late last year we had a breakfast at the school to kick start the project. Our first Alumni newsletter was published in November. The project is underway but the Board believes that we need to establish an Alumni Committee to drive the project forward. This is where we would like you to get involved. We would like energetic and motivated ex-students to form a foundation committee. The aim of the committee will be to drive the future direction of the project.

It is an exciting project because this is a foundation exercise. If we can establish the Alumni and make it a successful and long-term community of ex-students, we will have achieved something truly special. The opportunity to get involved is a unique one. If the Alumni becomes an established society, in 10-20 years the people who were involved in its creation and development will be able to look back with a sense of pride and achievement.

The Alumni project is in its infancy. What we do with the concept is up to us. The possibilities are endless. It is my sincere hope that the foundation committee will be an engine room of ideas.