Greenwood College was established in 1975 to service a young and growing community. Today, it is a well established school in a prosperous and thriving area. The school is set in pleasant and expansive grounds surrounding buildings which were designed to reflect the faculty-based design of a university campus rather than the traditional High School.

The school fosters active community participation through its long established Parents & Citizens’ Association and the recently established School Board and is highly supportive of closer links with both parents and the regional community in general. The School Board is formed by community and staff members elected to review the school’s academic, financial and vocational priorities through the School Development Plan and is a welcome addition to the links between the school and the community it serves. Greenwood’s College Development program ensures that this school faces the challenges of a changing education system with a dedicated team of teachers and administrators responsive to the needs of the community, the care of the students and the challenge of academic excellence.

Supporting initiatives in pastoral care include an effective Managing Student Behavior policy. This program is supported by a year-based form structure and year group system which aims to enhance school spirit and self-esteem. These year groups are supervised by four co-ordinators appointed for the purpose, who act as counsellors to students. A Student Council with representatives from each year group act as a further liaison between students and the resources of the school.

Greenwood College offers a full range of academic and vocational subjects to all year levels and students are encouraged to select courses which suit and challenge their own abilities, interests and future vocations. The academic areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Society and Environment and Foreign Language are well represented within the curriculum and great success has been achieved by students in examinations in recent years. The vast majority of students who apply for entrance to tertiary institutions each year are offered places. Students who are more vocationally inclined are well catered for by courses in Design & Technology, Home Economics, Information Technology, Art & Design, Physical Education, Theatre Arts, Dance and Media Studies.

It is with these aims and resources that Greenwood continues to meet the increasing challenges of education confidently and compassionately.